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No. 2  Jointing

Model shown in African Blackwood with bronze lever cap & screw

Meet the No. 2 (A2)

After prototyping the panel plane, Joe and I went for a jointer. I should confess that when I was designing this plane, I hadn’t actually seen one in person. I was working from photos and what I learned from making the panel plane. I started with a 22-1/2” long jointer – largely because 24” seemed insane to me. This design didn’t stray too far from the original infill jointing plane – but I added the raised field to the top of the front bun, and used the same tweaks to the shape of the profile as I did with the panel plane. It is a wonderful plane to use, and became a favorite at shows and events. I ended up making way more of these than I ever would have imagined. 

I went on to make a 24” jointer and a pair of 28-1/2” jointers, but after a serious shoulder injury in 2016, my jointing planemaking days are most likely over. 

See different material configurations in the gallery


22-1/2" long x 3” wide

2-5/8" wide, high carbon steel blade

47-1/2˚ bed angle

01 tool steel or bronze sides

stainless steel or bronze lever cap & screw

dovetail construction

(adjusters no longer available)

Starts at $6,900.00 CDN

+ actual shipping costs

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