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Most of my recent creative output has been as a planemaker – but that is certainly not the extent of my interests, and I always leave an eye open for intriguing possibilities. In high school I did a lot of drawing, sculpting and painting – and renovating the old houses I grew up in. I turned to a graphic design program as a way to combine artistic expression and employment. Woodworking grew out of my interest in making my own furniture, and dreams of being a furniture maker. That was beautifully sidelined when I started making planes. 


There are a few common threads. On the most basic level – I am really just making things for myself – things that I want in my life but can’t find. Either because they aren’t made the way I want them to be made, made from the materials I want, or in some cases – just don’t exist at all. I am curious enough to try making them myself. Which leads to the next thread – I want beautiful, inspiring things in my life.  If you are going to take the time and expense to make something, make it beautiful. 


I have always loved t-shirts and it was a no-brainer to design one for myself. These were printed in 2018 in 2 batches and were quickly sold out. I will do other designs as they come to me.

Use the diagram and dimensions to determine the correct size when ordering.

The t-shirt is $35 Cdn, and flat rate shipping of $10 in North America. Shipping outside North America will be priced based on actual shipping cost.

Living Room Interior

Our house was built around 1911 and has hints of Prairie style – which I love. The livingroom and diningroom had been renovated at some point and it felt more like a bowling alley than a living space – I was almost certain that there would have been pocket doors dividing the room. I was also interested in exploring the idea of flooring beyond strip flooring. Versailles parquetry was what I really wanted to do, but the space was not big enough, so had to settle on herringbone. I worked with a local hardwood flooring supplier and had him cut strip flooring knowing I would be modifying it to use as herringbone. We gutted the entire space back to the exterior walls and joists. We left the subfloor – 4” wide, 5/4 T&G fir that was in excellent shape – just needed to screw down each board at each joist to give ourselves a solid base. We re-oriented a new fireplace, designed new moldings and case work, added columns to divide the room, new windows that had fixed upper sections to hold the original leaded glass panels and framed the exterior walls so we could have some insulation (this house is a double brick house – there is no real framing). I inlaid ebony dots and dashes in the border in front of the cabinet beside the fireplace – it is our names and the year in Morse Code.

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