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How to Commission

a Custom Plane

All of the planes on this site have been made with a specific person in mind and to their specifications. I believe this investment is more than financial, as a good tool will last generations and it aught to be made the way you want. It should have the materials you want and fit with the type of work you currently do and aspire to do. This has been my vision since the beginning, and has played a significant role in determining how and why I work the way I do.


Please look around this site and my social media feed to get an idea of the various planes I have made and to see a variety of material combinations. If there is something that catches your eye, make note of it but keep in mind what I have built in the past is a starting point for what we can develop together.  


The next step is to contact me; either by email, phone or Instagram direct message. We will have a chat, review what you are interested in, outline some options and eventually arrive at a formal quote and rough timeline of when it might be done. If that is agreeable, we can shake hands (virtually) and your plane(s) will be placed in the queue. At this point keep your money in your pocket – I do not take deposits or accept any funds in advance. In 20 years of doing this I have never been left holding the proverbial plane, and I don’t see any reason to change now. 

When I am about to start your order, I will check-in to make sure the timing suits you. If it does, I will start your plane and send photos as it comes together. Once I have the infill set roughed out, I will send you photos so you can see how it looks. This has proven to be a really fun part of the process. Not only does it allow customers to see their plane being made – something most people are excited to feel a part of, but it also gives me an opportunity to get to know you better. I have come to realize that this interaction is a critical part of why I continue to do what I do. The challenge of making a plane is mostly long-gone, but it is my customers who continue to inspire me.  


Only once the final coat of French polish is dry and your plane is completed, will payment be due. Once payment has been received it will be shipped or alternatively, you can drop by the shop and pick it up. Note that I do not accept credit cards, crypto currency or Galactic Credit Standard, but a cheque, cash, EFT, wire transfer or PayPal will all work – whatever is easiest for you.

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