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K6  Smoothing
K6 Line Model.jpg

Model shown in Kingwood with stainless steel lever cap & screw

Meet the K6

If I had to choose one un-handled infill smoother, it would be the K6. I have medium sized hands, and prefer smaller, more nimble planes, so the K6 fits me perfectly. For someone with larger hands, the K7 might be a better fit. The K6 is slightly narrower than the K7 and the SNo.4.  If you have smaller hands or slender fingers, or a preference for small planes, this plane would be a really good fit. The scoop on the front pad is not functional in that your thumb or finger does not fit into it, but is a key aesthetic detail in the k-series of planes. 

See different material configurations in the gallery


6-1/4" sole

1-5/8" wide, high carbon steel blade

52-1/2˚ bed angle

01 tool steel sides

stainless steel or bronze lever cap & screw

dovetail construction

Starts at $2,700.00 CDN

+ actual shipping costs

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