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K5  Smoothing
K5 LineModel.jpg

Model shown in African Blackwood with stainless steel lever cap & screw

Meet the K5

The K5 and the XSNo.4 are close siblings when comparing a traditional plane with a k-series plane. They have basically the same footprint, are the same width and have the same blade width and bed angle. The K5 is a little more squat and the angled rear infill compensates for the shorter stance. A wonderful little plane if you are looking for a smoothing and detail plane slightly smaller than a block plane. 

See different material configurations in the gallery


5-1/2" sole

1-9/16" wide, high carbon steel blade

52-1/2˚ bed angle

01 tool steel sides

stainless steel or bronze lever cap & screw

dovetail construction

Starts at $2,500.00 CDN

+ actual shipping costs

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