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Special Commissions
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About Special Commissions

Over the years, I have made reproductions or interpretations of some pretty unique planes – special commissions from very discerning customers. Many of these planes fall outside the typical plane construction methods or patterns, and have challenging aspects that require a creative approach. I always enjoy this type of work. In several cases, I was not able to see the original example and had to work with photographs and a few published dimensions. The Norris rebate mitre plane and the Spiers inspired rebate panel plane are two examples of planes developed this way.


In the case of the badger plane and the Bayfield rebate planes, I had examples on hand, which provided some much needed information. Both the original badger plane and the Bayfields were cast bodies, but I designed dovetailed versions, which suited the way I worked better. After one of the Bayfields was delivered, the customer was so happy with it, they asked if I could make a second – at a 2/3 scale. It was another wonderful customer driven project. 

See more photos of these planes in the gallery

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